Printing Guidelines

On Tuesday, September 20, we were treated to two Masterclasses about printing (By Roger Crocombe) and the monunting of prints for competitions and display (by Rob de Ruiter). These two presentations were specifically targeted at the needs of club members and the requirements to enter club and inter club competitions.

Here are links to the two presentations.

BRCC guide to printing

Guide to mounting prints for competition and display.

Printing at Chi University, Bognor Campus

With Bognor Regis Camera Club returning to a full calendar of activities, and a full completion programme it is time to get printing again. For most of us this is an activity we haven’t revisited for a while.

Whether you have entered print competitions or not let me remind you of the printing capability available at Chichester University’s Bognor Campus.

Please see this document for a brief guide and a link to the relevant workshop notes.