Throughout the testing time of Covid-19 the club members have generously shared their skill and provided workshops on all aspects of improving our photography every two weeks.

Here’s your opportunity to put these new found skills to work and get (and give) friendly feedback to one and all.

The challenge is simple: Take one picture a week throughout the year 2021 and share it with club members.

You will need a free Flickr subscription. Go to https://www.flickr.com/and sign up.

You can find the new group by clicking here

It has been running for a while and there are over a hundred images to explore. So now it’s your turn to join in. There is no subject. All that’s asked is:


Please post one picture for each week starting January 2021 for 52 weeks. Each picture should be made during the week it represents. All images must be taken by the member who posts them and free of any third party copyright restrictions.

Put a week number in your tags and in your title and/or description. Try this format:

2021-52-01-Your Title

Year-52-Week No-Title

A few lines of description and commentary about the picture will help people in the group to interact more with you.

Please, no content that might be considered offensive – you know what we mean.

Our group is small and personable and is restricted to Bognor Regis Camera Club members. Please respect that, with good commitment and by joining in with commenting. Helpful critiques of others’ images are welcome, but any offensive comments will be removed. The more you put in the more you will benefit and enjoy.

Upload with a smile!

You may find it helpful to place your images in your area into an Album to help you keep track. Albums found in ‘Organise’.