Personal Data Policy

When you join BRCC we ask for certain information that is necessary for us to deliver the legitimate interest benefits of your membership to you. The information we ask for includes your name, address, email address and phone number(s). Additional information, such as any photographic qualifications or achievements, may be required for specific purposes and will be managed by special request.

The information is essential for us to communicate information about the club’s activities and other events or happenings that would be of interest to you as a club member including such things as talks or exhibitions related to photography. Without this information the club officers would be unable to discharge their responsibilities to you as a member and so your application form, and renewal of membership, is a recognition that you have consented for your personal information to be used in the manner given.

Your information is retained solely by the club’s officers for the above purposes and is a condition of your membership. You supply us with the information on your membership application form and also keep it up to date by informing the Membership Secretary of any changes.

Your information is stored on the club’s membership database, operated by the Membership Secretary, the club’s website (under the control of the Webmaster) and, in email address form only, by the ‘Snapshots’ Editor for distribution of the newsletter.

It is also used by other Committee members so they can discharge their duties. Examples include the Treasurer for the administration of subscriptions and other financial matters, the various competition secretaries for the administration of competitions and workshop organisers for the administration of workshops.

If you wish to know what personal information we have about you then please contact the Membership Secretary. See the club’s website for details.

Your personal information may be retained by the club after your membership ceases for up to 12 months. After that, all old personal records will be deleted.

If you wish us to erase your personal data from club records please contact the Membership Secretary. Once this process starts you will cease to have access to the club and its facilities. The process of removal may take up to 3 months, remember we are a club that is manned by volunteers.

Membership forms are found on the documents page.

For the club officers and their contact details see the committee page.