Workshop: Getting to Grips with Your Digital Camera – Part 1 with Tony Lord 220924

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Getting to Grips with Your Digital Camera – Part 1

Aimed at helping all members to the club who want to better understand the basics of their cameras or smart phone cameras and how to use them.

It covers topics such as an overview of how the camera works, why it has the controls we need to master (shutter speed, apertures, ISO and focus) and an introduction as to why the photographer would choose one setting over another.

This workshop includes a practical session so you can try out your new found knowledge.

Part 2 in January will reprise this workshop after you have had time to try things out, and complete information you need to master the full set of listed controls.

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Digital cameras are with us everywhere and at all times. From the humble ‘point and shoot’ through mobile phone cameras of ever increasing quality and sophistication to top end digital cameras they all record light digitally using the laws of physics. Understanding a little of how they do that enables you to make good choices so as to maximise the chances of capturing the images you are seeking.

The modern camera has a vast number of controls ranging from fully automatic operation to fully manual control for the most advanced. Automatic (or Program mode) suffices for a wide variety of pictures. But as your interest in photography grows you will find the need to take control of your camera, to understand what it wants to do, and to make it do it better.

This is an introduction to how a camera captures light, what the key camera controls are, what they do and especially how and when you may wish to recompose your photo or override the automatic settings to capture the image you are seeking. No previous knowledge or skill is assumed.