Event Category: Workshop

We will meet outside, in the gardens – Celia and Jacqui will show various techniques they use in their flower photography. Here’s the meetup guide. If you use the ‘what three words’ app then this is the location – rotate.gossip.linen. Examples will include: Shooting through ICM Backgrounds Botanical representation The challenge of red flowers And […]

This face to face workshop is aimed at club members who want to try their hand at the art of woodland photography. Based at Eartham Woods, just north of Chichester, the mixture of Beech and Spruce should provide plenty of scope for colourful scenes. Roger Crocombe will show how to make sense of the various […]

One of the things you can do with all your photos is to create photobooks. They may be memories of a holiday, a special event or simple “A year in the life of”. And whilst you are storing all your photos in Lightroom, you can transfer them in a blink of the eye to the […]