Explor: Storks at Knepp’s Re-wilding Project

Event Details

An opportunity for 20 members to accompany Kevin Harwood to the Knepp rewilding project and see the stork community which is being established.

The Knepp rewilding project in Dial Post, West Sussex has been supported by our club member Kevin Harwood. After his presentation to the club, he offered the opportunity to go on a guided tour of the project, specifically to see the stork community and have access to nests that are not accessible when walking the permitted footpaths. Following the white stork re-introduction to the UK numbers are increasing with a number of the nests that we will have access already having a number of eggs now hatching which means the chicks should be visible during this tour. There will also be opportunities to capture other wildlife and flora during the tour.

The opportunity is for 20 members only on a first come first served basis on 7th June 2023. Places can be reserved from 09:00 on Monday, 1 May.

Your link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/field-trip-to-knepp-rewilding-project-tickets-469815720467

There is no set charge, but a £5 minimum donation is suggested, payable on the day, that will be used to support the project.

Note that the venue selected is for the main Project. Watch for specific instructions for the meeting point after you have booked your place.