Workshop: Geting to Grips with your Digital Camera Pt 3

Advanced Capabilities Explained

Saturday, 15 January at 10:00 by Zoom

This workshop is for anyone who is seeking to get more from their digital camera or advanced mobile phone camera.

Whether you have the simplest DSLR or the most advanced ILC there are many modes buried on the menus and in combinations of dial settings that are there to help you nail the shot you are seeking to take. In many cases it is knowing what these modes are, what they may be called (so you can find them in your manual), and how to find them that is the real issue.
The workshop is divided into four sections:

1.    Before you venture out on your shoot
2.    Things to help you nail the exposure
3.    Faster and more accurate focussing
4.    A few miscellaneous items

In view of current Covid regulations and precautions this workshop will be by Zoom.