Workshop: Winter Garden Walk

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Winter Garden Walk

Come and join us at the famous Highdown Gardens, designed in a disused chalk pit at the back of Worthing on Saturday 29th at 10am to have a Winter Garden Walk and see what there is to photograph.

This rich site, has developed over the past 110 years and has been recognised as a National Plant collection since 1989. It was designed originally to see what would grow in the chalk soil of the South Downs. As such it is full of unusual plants, shrubs and trees, unlikely to be seen elsewhere, and entrance is free although donations are welcomed.

Jacqui Dracup will introduce you to flowers in bloom now such as the Winter Aconite and snowdrops. She will also give you hints on photographing them. For this aspect of our walk you could usefully use a standard 24-105 zoom lens or macro lens along with a polarising filter.

Yvonne Green will will be getting up close to the remains of last years growth, such as empty seed pods and fungi full of wonderful colours and shapes where a macro lens would come in very handy

Finally, Roger Crocombe will be looking at some of the textures in the barks of trees and shrubs such as the Strawberry tree, and bamboos where a 70-200mm zoom lens would allow you to get closer without treading on the undergrowth.

For members wishing to attend please book in using the members’ area workshop booking.