Speaker: Caroline Preece – Tools Not Rules

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“I am drawn to human elements and documenting everyday life, chance occurrences, captured moments, a look, a gaze, a feeling, an attitude, a time or a place. But then I seek an escape from the hustle and bustle and create minimalist snowscapes and seascapes which for me represent ‘space to breathe’ away from the urban density of city life.”

A different way of thinking about composition; based on the psychology of how we see photographs

Photography as a visual language and communicating your personal take on the world through your images.

The psychology behind how people interpret the visual elements within an image

Empowering photographers to make informed decisions as opposed to worrying about rules and whether to break them

  • Street and landscape photographer, based in London and West Sussex
  • Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society
  • Accredited judge for Southern Counties and East Anglian Federations of the PAGB

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