Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Monday 8th June 2020
Your club is organising a series of online photographic and social activities. Please see the WORKSHOPS page for all latest information.
To book in for any event go to the Members' area and look at the Workshops section, regardless of the event type, and you will find a link to the event's booking.
All these events are free, unless specifically notified.
Where a login is required, e.g. for a Zoom event, then these are sent to all registered participants about 24 hours before the event by email.
Booking is not yet open, come back soon.
(Posted: 8th June 2020)

Tuesday 27th October 2020
Carolyn requests your company on Tuesday evening 27th October at 7.30 for an interactive social.
She adds, "I hope to put together my own little bit of merriment for your entertainment. Nothing too taxing, just a bit of light-hearted fun.
"I am sure we could all do with taking our minds off all the ‘heavy’ stuff around at the moment, even if just for an hour or so."
Booking is not yet open, come back soon.
(Posted: 14th October 2020)

...with Your Digital Camera
Saturday 31st October 2020
Do you really know how to control your camera's exposure?
What is the 'right' exposure?
Do you know what goes on inside your camera? And why knowing this will help you to get better images more often?
This workshop on 31 October has been completely rewritten with the improving photographer in mind.
Exposure Triangle? Think you know it all or are still puzzled by it?
Whatever your level come and see exposure management from a different perspective! It will clarify your thinking.
Do you shoot in RAW? Are you exposing to make the very best of it?
Come with me and take a dive into your camera's innards and see how to make every photon count.
Booking is not yet open, come back soon.
(Posted: 14th October 2020)


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