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"The Conversation"

Officers and Committee for the 2017 - 2018 season

President: ROB de RUITER, ARPS
Vice-President: PETER AYLING
Chairman: (chairman) * PAUL CROMBIE
Vice-Chairman: (vice.chairman) BILL BROOKS
Secretary: (secretary) * YVONNE GREEN
Treasurer: (treasurer) * BERNIE EVANS
Membership Secretary: (membership) * JACQUI DRACUP
Programme Secretary: (programme.secretary) * ROB de RUITER, ARPS
Print Competition Secretary: (print.competition) PAUL TUCKER
External Print Competition Secretary: (external.print) * MADI BROOKMAN
Workshops Co-ordinator: (workshops) * ROGER CROCOMBE
Publicity Officer (PR) * ROB de RUITER, ARPS
PDI Competition Secretary: (pdi.competition) TONY HUGHES
Social Secretary: (social.secretary) * CAROLYN ROBINSON

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General Committee Members:

Other contacts:
Webmaster: Tony Lord (webmaster) *
To reserve the Spyder please email: (spyder) *
To contribute to the club's scrapbook email: (scrapbook) *

Auditor: Brian Bull

Print Selection Committee:
Paul Tucker, Peter Ayling, Madi Brookman & Rob de Ruiter

Projected Digital Image Selection Committee:
Graham Balkwill, Mark Brookman, Paul Crombie & Roger Crocombe

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